Here's a quick guide on how to give our team access to your Appsflyer account. In AppsFlyer, you can add a Team Member to have control over who manages which apps within your account. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your Appsflyer account and click on your email in the top right-hand corner

  2. Click on Team Members

  3. In the next screen, click on Add Team Members

  4. Fill in the following fields:

    Name - SplitMetrics Agency

    Email - The email will be provided by your Account Manager at Splitmetrics Agency

    Department - Marketing

    Keep Grant Admin Capabilities as Off

  5. Click Save

If, when trying to add a team member you receive an error message Can't create this user, consider the following:

  • The name can include only letters, digits, spaces, periods (.), hyphens (-), underscores (_), quotation marks (‘ or “)

  • The email address may be incorrect - make sure to enter a valid address

  • The email address may already exist in the system - check the list of users to make sure it has already been added

The newly added team member receives a welcome email to activate their account. If they don't receive this email, you can resend it. See Team Member Actions below.

Team member actions

You can edit or delete team members. You can also resend the email invite in case they don't get it when you first add them.

  1. Click the three dots in the right-hand corner of the team member entry

  2. Select the required option from the drop-down menu

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